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Why your business needs a managed security partner

Long gone are the days when your cybersecurity could be an afterthought. Thanks to increasingly sophisticated threats, you need to take every element of managing the security of your business.

If you’re lacking the resources required to step up your IT security in-house, now’s the time to start looking for a managed security partner. Before making your final decision, you should learn why your business needs managed security and how it could benefit.

Round the clock care

According to Cynict.com, a hacking attack happens every 39 seconds and this affects one in three Americans every year. With such a high risk, constantly protecting your data should be the top priority. With round the clock care, the risk of your data being stolen is dramatically decreased.

Although you may struggle to continuously monitor your systems around the clock on your own, the right managed security partner will have the staff, resources and processes to do so with ease. With round the clock care, there’s a stronger chance that your business will remain safe against cybercriminals. Criminals don’t limit their operations to office hours alone, so your security systems shouldn’t rest either.

Real-time threat prevention

Not only are cyberattacks occurring around the clock, but they’re also becoming more advanced and severe. One of the most serious threats to business is ransomware. As the name suggests, this malicious software holds your network for ransom. If businesses don’t pay the specifically requested sum within a certain period, the bad actor may delete the stolen data, causing disaster for business owners.

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